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Gonzalez Reeds – Local Jazz 627 Model

Looking for a cane reed that will follow along in all your musical development? 

With a competitive price and overall good quality, the brand manufacturer of reeds “Gonzalez” is a quality affordable option often considered by many sax or clarinet players.

We expose in this article a review of the Gonzalez “Local Jazz 627” model, a reed made in Argentina with a native cane.

Name Origin of this Model

The name of this model is a tribute to the union of African-American musicians in Kansas City at the beginning of the last century. Among its members, with only 15 years old, the renowned Charlie Parker was part of the group. 

Comparing It With Other Models of Saxophone Reeds

In comparison with other brands and models, this one offers a reed with a brilliant sound and a quick response, more flexible than any classic cut reed, which for a beginner can be a plus.

I found the longevity of these reeds a little bit shorter than other brands but considering that the price it’s almost half that of the top-selling ones, it’s a no-brainer if you need a reed for starting to play or for a day to day use.

Once you develop a good technique and a personal sound, you will be able to judge if these reeds still work for you or if you need to move to others, being the main reasons to change if you are looking for another specter of sound or that this product does not match well with your current setup.

Reeds – Local Jazz 627 Model

Characteristics of this Reed Model

  • They offer reed hardness of :  1½ , 2, 2½, 3, 3½,  4, 4½. 
  • If you are just starting I recommend using the 2 or 2½ reed hardness.

Remember: the higher the reed hardness, the smaller the tip opening of your mouthpiece.

  • The packages come with 10 reeds for alto, and 5 reeds for tenor.
  • The “Local Jazz 627” model is not available for baritone and soprano sax but they have two other models for those saxes, the “Regular Cut” and the “Classic Reeds”.
  • The cane used is aged before being processed for at least 3 years
  • They tend to be more vibrant and flexible than their other model, the “Regular Cut”, as well as having a larger area of scrape

This reeds model is made from a well-known brand across the sax and clarinet spheres, being used by many top players these days.

Gonzalez Reeds - Local Jazz 627 Model