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Welcome aboard!

We are Isabella and John, a couple of band instrument enthusiasts since our youth.

Saxophone players performing

Currently, as parents of two kids initiating their music careers, we are rediscovering everything related to instruments and music in general.

Join us in this quest while we uncover all questions and curiosities about bands and instruments, with informative articles we will be frequently posting on the blog.

Our Team of Instruments Experts

We count on the collaboration of experienced players among the different band instruments, whether by writing or reviewing articles.


Cooper White

Saxophone, Clarinet, harmonica, bass, keyboard, voice

Cooper is a talented and experienced sax player. Multi-instrumentalist for many groups (Sax, clarinet, flute, harmonica, bass, keyboard, voice)

Hannah while playing her flute

Hannah Haefele

Flute, Piccolo, clarinet, and oboe

Hannah is a flutist and blog writer. She also plays “auxiliary” flutes (piccolo, alto flute) and also played the saxophone, clarinet, and oboe.

Andy Shark profile photo

Andy Sharkey

Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium

Low brass artist who is sought after on tenor and bass trombone, tuba and euphonium.

Kyle Matthees performing

Kyle Matthees


Kyle is an experienced trumpet player and a teacher of high school and middle school trumpet players