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Instruments Are the Heart of a Band

Learning more about them is crucial, especially for beginner and intermediate level players.

Let Us Guide You Through the Band

We guide you through the band, informing and answering questions that are commonly asked by beginners or parents.

a set of different band instruments

Band Instruments

  • What characteristics each band instrument has?
  • Choices and prices for band instruments

Oboe and trumpet players

Types of Bands

  • What types of bands exist?
  • How should I be prepared for each band?

Latest Posts from the Blog

Our Reviews, Tips, and Comparisons on band instruments.

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A Yamaha 255SII flute and a comic dressed in yellow
The Yamaha 225SII Flute
Saxophonist Wondering With a Cork Grease Product and a Saxophone on Her Side
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Recorder Vs. Flute – What Are Their Differences? (and Their Similarities)
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Common Clarinet Problems (and How to Solve them)
Clarinet and Bass Clarinet – 5 Main Differences
Info Guide About Clarinets for Beginners
Clarinets for Beginners
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Selling a Used Flute? How Much It’s Worth and Where to Sell It
Best Student Trombones Guide
Best Student Trombones

About Us

Long-time band instruments enthusiasts.

Isabella & John

Parents of two kids starting their music careers, we are currently rediscovering everything related to instruments and music in general.

And we are eager to share our findings and knowledge with you!

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Our Team of Instruments Experts

Special Contributors Across Different Band Instruments


Cooper White

  • Talented and Experienced Saxophone Player
  • Multi-instrumentalist for many groups (Sax, clarinet, flute, harmonica, bass, keyboard, voice)
  • Production of his own music and of others
  • Teaches Individual Online Lessons, while not performing
  • Bachelor’s Degree from the Berklee College of Music (Boston) and studies in Classical Performance at the Lionel Hampton School of Music
Andy Shark profile photo

Andy Sharkey

  • Low brass artist who is sought after on tenor and bass trombone, tuba and euphonium
  • He always loves a new challenge and has been hired to play less performed instruments, like bass trumpet and didgeridoo
  • He earned his Master of Music from NYU, in addition to studies at Mannes School of Music, as well as ancillary training in singing and voice for actors from the Stella Adler Studio.
  • When not performing, he’s practicing, arranging, writing; hoarding instruments, accessories and vinyl LPs
Kyle 1

Kyle Matthees

  • Experienced Trumpet Player
  • Teacher of High School and Middle School Trumpet Players
  • Collaborator on Trumpet Mouthpiece Company
  • Master of Music in Performance, School of Music – College of Visual and Performing Arts Belmont University