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Woodwind & Brasswind Return Policy

In this post, we clarify the return policy from Woodwind & Brasswind, one of the major instrument marketplaces online. Even though they can be called on the phone or the website checked, sometimes it’s not possible to talk with their support or the website is not working properly (more often lately than desirable). So we’ve decided to write this summary as a quick reference guide.

If you have more questions about their return policy or anything else related, feel free to comment below.

WWBW Return Policy

Woodwind & Brasswind offers a 45 day return policy if you are not satisfied with an order.

Items purchased from the open box section of the store come with a 30 day return period You don’t have to pay shipping charges if you decide to send back items.

What is Woodwind & Brasswind’s returns and exchanges policy?

Free returns are common among retailers, especially online ones. And wwbw offers free returns, meaning that customers don’t need to pay any shipping fees or restocking fees.

Woodwind & Brasswind accepts returns without requiring receipts or proof of purchase.

Customers can exchange an item without paying any additional costs.

Once again, remember that returns are accepted within 45 days of purchase.

Other things to consider when returning an item from wwbw

Items must be in likeused condition to qualify for a refund.

Open box items must be returned within 30days.

Any order of $20 or more qualifies for free shipping.

Reed orders total of $15 or more will ship for free.

Orders under $20 are charged shipping fees regardless if they qualify for free shipping.

Repair Plan Vs Replacement Plan

When you purchase an instrument or accessory online from Woodwind & Brasswind, there are two options available to you when it comes to returning the item.

One option is to repair the item yourself at no cost to you. This is called a repair plan.

The second option is to replace the item with another similar model at full price. This is called a replacement plan.

Repair Plans

There are certain items that are not covered under the plan. And also, certain components of your product may not be covered by this plan.

This Plan does not cover certain repairs, such as wood cracks or finish damage.

A $25 deductible applies to each claim.

Service centers must repair or replace the product within 60 days of purchase.

For newly covered products, your plan starts immediately after purchase.

For used covered products, your plan begins immediately after the expiration of the extended store returns policy.

When you receive a gift card or a refund check, you’ll still be protected against any manufacturing defects.

Replacement Plan

This type of plan covers the original purchase price, which includes taxes. Replacements are available if there is a defect in the product.

Coverage lasts for a fixed amount of time and begins on the date of purchase. All Other Coverage Begins Upon Expiration Of Manufacturer Warranty

There is a 28 day return period for recording devices, studio monitor speakers, rack mount signal processors, and DJ mixers, and a 60 day return period for all other products

For newly covered products, this type of Plan will cover any defects in materials or workmanship for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty period

For used covered products, the Plan covers any defects in materials or manufacture for the duration of the extended store return period

The total amount of the Plan is the guaranteed cheapest price of your product, plus sales tax. If you have an extended warranty on your product, it will be replaced at no additional cost to you.

Things to remember

– Repair plans usually last longer than replacement plans

– Repair plans usually cover repairs made during the warranty period.

– Replacement plans usually cover repairs made after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

– Warranty periods vary depending on the type of product purchased.

Woodwind & Brasswind really want their customers to have options when it comes to returning or replacing an item.

Even though sometimes the support or their website isn’t available, from the experience of years I’ve had with them purchasing and returning some items, including through their mouthpiece return policy, overall the experience is good.