Online Trumpet Lessons – The New Normal for Beginner Players

During Covid-19 uncertainty times and while in lockdowns, people have started facing many new difficulties in all parts of their lives. Many schools had to complete readjust their activity to be completely web-based, including musical lectures.

Music schools have probably suffered the most, due to the practical requirements of learning an instrument and the need for a face-to-face kind of lecture. Both students and professors faced the reality that it is much harder to teach and learn through a webcam.

Trumpet beginner players are no exception, as their lessons started to move completely online. This is particularly true to teaching a young child how to properly start playing the trumpet

Challenges and Difficulties While Learning Trumpet Online

Some of the difficulties faced during these times are:

  • For example, a teacher cannot see the whole posture of the student. 
  • It is much harder to hear what kinds of sounds the student produces. Are the sounds he or she makes good or do they have some flaws? 
  • Teaching how to breathe properly is another regular problem that teachers face. To properly develop a proper breathing technique, a teacher must accurately show where and how to breathe. Furthermore, the students need to be regularly reminded of that. But if a teacher wants to remind him, he must always see the student in a one-on-one environment, where he can detect any problems as soon as possible. 
  • It is extremely important to regulate the sound of the student also. When we are online, we can get a distorted or laggy sound, which makes identifying the possible problems much harder.
  • Another thing that we have taken note of, is the lack of concentration from, particularly younger students. They can be looking away from the computer, or sometimes also doing something else on the computer. Sometimes the student isn’t alone in the room and gets distracted by other people or sometimes even their parents. If we compare that to a regular trumpet lesson it is extremely hard to get the child’s focus. 
Young Man learning trumpet lessons online
A young adult learning through a trumpet lesson online
  • Another unlikely problem occurs at practicing. From our experience, children or young adults have started to practice much less due to a lack of motivation. There are no concerts to look forward to. Even though they perhaps have more time now, finding the motivation to go and practice has probably diminished during these times.
  • There are no festivals or concerts from professional musicians as well, which again hinders motivation from a student. If beginner players or students see a concert or can play at one, then they are most likely willing to play again and get better prepared, invest more time and energy into practice. 

Advantages from Learning the Trumpet Online

On the other hand, we have found some positives points from web lectures. 

  • Older students that are perhaps on a high school or university level have more time, but in contrast to younger students, they actually do also invest more time into practicing
  • Trumpet players that are already professional or at least are practicing for it, while at home, they can now schedule their practices from morning to evening, meaning that overall they can now practice several more times in smaller intervals. It does make them less tired, even if they are practicing more than before.
Learning Trumpet through a laptop
Learning Trumpet through a laptop

Trumpet Players like all other musicians have been passing through difficult times, but it is important that we all strive towards getting back on stage and doing our best at coming concerts. 

The time of concerts and festivals is not that far away, and musicians should be ready for it. 

Learning and continue improving through lessons online has been a difficult transition for most, but also can be seen as another tool available and widely tested during the last months/years, that can serve for future times.