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Renting or Buying a Band Instrument?

Your children have decided that they want to play band and musical instruments in the middle, elementary school band, or marching band. Or, being a festive season you are interested in playing a musical instrument yourself. This is an amazing and constructive activity that will last a lifetime. Apart from getting your children the best musical teacher available, you have another important decision to make.

To Buy or Rent a Band Instrument?

Renting vs buying a musical instrument is a crucial decision that will have an impact on your pocket, even if your children might get a scholarship for playing an instrument in the future or is able to get a musical grant while in school. Such a decision might also influence if your children have long-lasting enjoyment of their musical instrument or quit after a short period due to frustrations on playing a low-quality instrument.

If you are looking for the perfect option between renting and buying a band instrument, this article gives you a clearer idea of both options, detailing each advantage and disadvantage.

Renting a Band Instrument

The typical age for middle or elementary school students to start playing a band instrument in the United States is in the 4th, 5th, or 6th grade. These schools often have a so-called “band rental night” when the school year is almost beginning. This deal is mostly presented in collaboration with a local music store that will rent the musical band instruments.

For a parent, this option gives you a fast and easy way to allow your child to get started in playing the musical instrument of his/her choice. It might also be difficult to tell the best band instrument for your children until they have played for some months. This makes renting a good option.

In any event including a concert band, renting a musical instrument gives your children enough time to find out whether they will sustain their interest in the instrument and whether it is the best option for them. This alternative is also great if you understand that your child will have to switch to a larger size band instrument shortly. For instance, if your child starts with a 0.25 sized violin, he/she will switch to a larger-sized violin later.

The amount you pay for your rented band instrument largely depends on the model as well as the condition and type of instrument that you wish to get. It is therefore important to exhaust the available options that fit your budget while considering the quality.

Renting Options

If information is a challenge due to scarcity, then renting options is the opposite. It can be tough since the options are many. There are many rental providers available and each comes with a diverse stock of band instruments. When you are sure which store to rent from, the second thing is to pick the individual instrument that suits you or your children.

Most stores give you a no-risk rental plan that enables you to try your instrument for a few months with the option of switching this instrument later on. There is also an option of month-to-month renting, but it might cost you more than choosing a longer contract.

Another option is the “rent to own” contract. Here, you pay a monthly rental fee that is automatically deducted from your bank or credit card. However, by the time you own the band instrument, you might have paid more than it would have cost you a new instrument upfront.

Advantages of Renting a Band Instrument

  • The instrument rental agreements typically have month-to-month contracts that allow you to return the band instrument once your child changes to another instrument or chooses not to continue playing.
  • The renting option offers young musicians flexibility to try new instruments until they get what best fits.
  • Parents are not left with the task of selling a bought band instrument or let the instrument collect dust in the store.
  • Instrumental rental simplifies the maintenance and repair concerns since the contract includes the maintenance plan with a professional to fix the issue and answer your questions as a bonus.

Disadvantages of Renting a Band Instrument

  • In the long run, renting a band instrument might cost you more than purchasing a brand new music band instrument.

Buying a Band Instrument

If you are more certain about your children’s band instrument, then it makes a lot of sense of purchasing it. For most of the instruments, the buying price is cheaper compared to a year-long rental. Moreover, buying a band instrument gives you a greater sense of commitment to push your children to study and play the instrument.

This translates to your children being motivated to continue playing the instrument of their choice. As a parent, you are encouraged to push your child harder which is necessary for perfect band instrument play.

Buying Options

There are typically two options for buying your brand new band instrument whether for you or your children. You can buy from a local store or through the internet. If you are lucky enough to have new brand instruments from your local store, then this is the best opportunity to select your preferred instrument. You can ask your private music tutor to accompany you to the store for the best decision-making.

If your area of residence does not have a music store, you can buy one online. Again ask your child’s tutor for advice on the best model. It is recommended that you buy your band instrument from an online shop that gives a return period.

Another option is buying a top-quality used band instrument. This is better and more cost-effective than buying a new one. If you decide to buy a second-hand band instrument, you should allow your child’s tutor to inspect it before completing the purchase. It can be frustrating for you or your child if you are advancing your music expertise with an instrument that has mechanical problems.

Advantages of Buying a Band Instrument

  • Purchasing a band instrument asks for a commitment from the parent, but this will extend to your child as well. This is a demonstration that you are serious about your children’s talent thus encouraging them to put more effort into learning.
  • Buying a brand new band instrument is less costly over time compared to renting. It is a good choice if your child is committed to improving his/her skills.
  • Buying a band instrument is a source of pride to your child thus improving their commitment.

Disadvantages of Buying a Band Instrument

  • It can be a challenge if you are a new parent to band instruments.
  • If you are buying the instrument online, it can be hard to know the condition, the quality, and the sound of the instrument.
  • It might be a loss if your child decides to quit the band instrument, and leave you with an unused instrument at home. It is important to assess your child’s capabilities.

Renting vs Buying Band Instruments
Main advantages and disadvantages of renting vs buying Band Instruments

In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when deciding whether to rent or buy a band instrument for school or a concert band.

Renting the instrument can offer a low-stress way to try out and then continue to learn.

On the other hand, buying a brand new instrument encourages commitment, but can cause some problems.

This article has dug deep into renting or buying a band instrument and leaves you in a perfect place to make the right decision.

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